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“I firmly believe that the power of karma and one’s own individual effort cannot be surmounted ,yet if one moves in accordance with his stars and laws of nature the whole divinity blesses him…and vastu is nothing but laws of nature applied to the man made world !!”  Dr. Vaishali Gupta.

Award Winner Vastu Consultant & Astrologer

  •   Dr. Vaishali Gupta is a Vedic scholar and Modern Researcher of the Science of Vastushastra, with more than 15 years of experience and expertise in the field.
  •   Although Dr. Vaishali Gupta has worked in all areas of Vastu but she specializes in Commercial and Industrial vastu and has a long list of industrial clients in India and abroad.
  •  She is a qualified interior designer and has done in depth study of building construction. This gives her immense understanding of dealing with buildings, plans, elevations & sections etc. and she is known for giving simple yet effective vastu solutions, for homes, offices restaurants, factories etc.
  •   Dr. Vaishali Gupta is one of the few Vastu Consultants who take the natal chart of the owner into consideration while giving vastu solutions as she firmly believes      that both vastu and astrology go hand in hand.
  •   She is a Vastu Shastracharya and Jyotish Bhushan & also an expert in the field of Pyramid vastu where in she suggests vastu solutions through installation of                pyramids, if construction changes are not possible. She also uses scientific instruments like lecher antenna for studying the energy of the spaces.
  •   She is also a Yoga and Meditation teacher with the International Art of Living Organisation and is blessed with clairvoyance, intuition and grace of her master which  is a guiding factor in all her solutions.
  •   She presents the ancient knowledge of Sthapatyaveda in a modern and scientific way and many well known individuals, commercial establishments and industrial concerns have benefitted immensely from her consultation

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“Sometimes , time makes us so helpless that we cannot even afford a Vastu Consultation or Remedies. At this time ,the power of meditation can help one out of the most grave life   situations. If one practices some breathing techniques, pranayama and practices like Sudarshan kriya, he can really receive divine grace and all Vastu ill effects start                       diminishing” – Dr. Vaishali Gupta

  •   Dr. Vaishali Gupta is senior faculty with The Art Of Living Organisation which is the largest NGO of the world today . She is a teacher for the Happiness Program, Youth             Empowerment Seminar (YES) and Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) for the last 13 years.
  •  Vaishali ji has done many sewa projects in the interiors of Bihar and has been the coordinator for an AOL project with Unicef.
  •  She hosted the Pranam Dhyaan Shivir in Patna which saw the presence of thousands of people and all state dignitaries.
  •   She regularly practices self cleansing and meditation techniques and strives to lead a life in accordance with the teachings of her master. All her vastu solutions are              guided by the divine grace of her master “His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar” .

I feel that a certain level of purity is required to practice a sacred shastra like Vastu and every Vastu consultant should also cleanse himself at all levels through meditation & self realization techniques thereby leading a spiritual life coupled with sewa …says Dr. Vaishali Gupta

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